Cadet Sightings


The phones have been ringing here at Hobo Headquarters (HBHQ), with Cadet sightings coming in from all around southern Ontario.


The first such instance found the little 6’x9′ camper just beyond the provincial perimeter in Montreal, Quebec, where I would perform some lo-fi electronic music for a few days in April (under the name M.D. Edwards), meanwhile getting little Emma back on the road for the first time in almost a year.


The month of June found her at Rockwood Conservation Area where Charlotte and I would have our first camping trip of the season, exploring caves and the ruins of an old mill all within the park.


Finally a trip up near Haliburton for some outback camping…


…followed by a slow back-roads drive through the Kawarthas, including a stop at a place called Rusty Nail, run out of a barn or out-building on somebody’s home property in Omemee (famed childhood town to Neil Young) – to pick up a nicely refurbished rocking chair, all before finding a nice resting stop by the river in Peterborough for the night.


Somewhere along the way we found this cute little basket made of branches just sitting out on the road. Good road snag, for sure.


Working on the tiny house has allowed little time for much else, and this has been true for about a year now. But short summers here in Ontario bring a certain urgency to pack in as much outdoor leisure as one can, while the getting’s good, and before the return of icy impedance and wintery hibernation that will last for almost half of the year. Little Emma will have to stretch her rubbery legs yet again and as oft as time can manage, while the last details of the tiny house are finalized over the next month or so.



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