Cheap Lumber

We found a guy on Kijiji who was selling these skids, 21 of them for $120, and each skid consists of four, eight-foot 2×4’s, plus a ton of pine planks running across the 2×4’s. He accepted our offer of $100 and even dropped them off to us himself!


Now we have the job of stripping them all down, but for this we will aquire 84 full-length 2×4’s, plus a ton of pine planks, which again, are in pretty good shape – so good of shape actually, that they just might go to use as flooring for us… We’ll stain a few pieces and see if we like the appearance of it.


From a lumber yard, these 84 eight-foot 2×4’s would have costed us about $200, so we got these for about half price, plus hundreds of 4′ pine planks as well. We have to strip the skids apart, but the work isn’t too bad, and the lumber is in great shape.


When leaving, the guy said to us that his company would always be getting more, and that he can’t get rid of them fast enough. If anyone in southern ON is interested, I could pass his info along to you.

Time to get to work!


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