This Ought To Do It!

I took Midge up to Newmarket to meet Ken of Sunsible Solar, and managed to fit four 195W panels, four 6V deep cycle batteries, a main disconnect, an ANL fuse kit, and some connector cables into the trunk after putting the back seats down, even though I had run out of time to clean out a bunch of other junk before leaving from Guelph. This car owes us nothing! We treat it like a truck and it just keeps on giving. Thanks, Yaris.

4 x 195W mono crystalline solar panels (24V)

4 x 195W mono crystalline solar panels (24V)

They had been out of stock on the charge controller and power inverter we had wanted, but within about ten days we received them in the mail. Thanks to Ken and Sunsible Solar!

60V Charge Controller

60V Charge Controller

Our experience in solar has so far been limited to our single 12V DC deep cycle battery which powers our lights and water pump in our home, a 6’x9′ Nical Cadet camping trailer. It also charges our mobile phone, and on sunny days, our laptops. I learned a bit here and there about batteries and electricity when connecting some of the newly acquired panels at East Jesus back in February or March, but most of it was brand new to me then, and so only so much of it sunk in and left with me. With these four 6V batteries we will now be running a 24V system, along with four 24V, 195W mono crystalline solar panels. Our energy demands will be kept fairly low, with only a mini fridge and our composting toilet requiring 24 hour energy. Other than those two items we will have LED lighting, a water pump (for a water tank which can be used when we’re not connected to a municipal water source), and a few other small appliances plus two laptops which will only require occasional power. We are hoping that our power will be adequate, although there is always the option to add on more panels or another series of four 6V batteries, and we’re considering wind power as an alternate source of energy, only if we find our current set up to be insufficient. Since there is no room right now to set up our panels, we will have to wait and put it to the test in the next couple of months after mounting them to our roof, but I think this ought to do it.

1500W power inverter

1500W power inverter



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