It’s Happening!

I got up around 5:30am wide awake today, for no apparent reason, but it gave me a bit of extra time to get ready for picking up our flatbed trailer from Long Haul Trailer Sales in Atwood, Ontario. I got to drive it for the first time, back to our new home at Two Sisters River in Guelph, ON, a nice 75 km country drive.

It took a bit of organizing, but here it sits now in downtown Guelph, as we prepare to begin our build any day now! We will be posting event days in advance, for anyone interested in helping out or simply coming by to say hello.

The trailer is a deck-between, straight trailer, 8.5′ x 20′, with tandem 5200lb axles and electric brakes. In place of a wood deck, we had the trailer customized with steel crossbars running across the width every 16 inches. The chassis itself is a 3.5″ steel c-frame, which is a bit thin, width-wise, but was made intentionally so, as the subfloor of our tiny house will be built using 2×4’s, which are actually 3.5″ wide and not actually 4″. This means that the subfloor can be dropped into the chassis, resting on the steel crossbars, and will be flush with the chassis itself. The 2×4’s will be lagged into the trailer frame, meaning we will have to drill through the steel and wood to connect the wood and metal. At that point, the wood and steel will support each other and be of sufficient strength to hold the house.

It’s really happening now… I guess we have a lot of work to do!


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