Saskatchewanian (?) Drive-In Theatre



After about two days of constant eastward driving, with no turns, and no change of scenery, the open skies of the prairies start to lose their appeal. When you can see a tree in the distance – the only landmark in all three hundred and sixty degrees – and not actually drive past that tree for another thirty minutes, things can get dull.

Thankfully we found a nice break for the night in Wolseley, Saskatchewan, at the Twilite Drive-In Theatre. We had passed several drive-in theatres for months, but all of them were permanently closed, until this one.

They were playing Rio 2, an obvious money grab of a pointless sequel of its namesake, but the theatre itself was great, and made a nice little photo shoot, even if I was only using my HTC 1X Android phone as the camera (like I always do).

We even got to pull up and face the screen sideways, so that we could lay in our trailer and watch the screen through our side window.

Thanks, Twilite Drive-In!



6 thoughts on “Saskatchewanian (?) Drive-In Theatre

  1. Well, if you were only driving on the Trans Canada #1 Highway there isn’t much to look at besides the towns you pass by every 10 to 15 minutes. Now if you want to see the beauty of Saskatchewan, that’s right I said Beauty, all you have to do is venture off the #1 and drive North or South for Half to 3/4 of an hour and beautiful valleys and lakes appear out of nowhere! The Beaten path is not always the best path to take! Get a little adventuresome and low and behold Saskatchewan is every bit as beautiful as B.C., Manitoba, Alberta or any of the Eastern provinces that I have taken the time to explore. Did you know that Saskatchewan has waterfalls? Yes, that’s right, waterfalls in the most beautiful part of the province. Northern Saskatchewan! Great Walleye fishing up there to along with lake trout and northern pikes, arctic graylings, white fish pretty much any kind of fish you could ever want to fish for, it’s there. Now take back your comment about driving through Saskatchewan being boring when you haven’t even explored it yet! Lynda Rutledge

    1. Hi Lynda,
      Unfortunately our drive across Canada from about Calgary onwards got a bit rushed, as we had just travelled for about 7 months and were running out of time to get back to Guelph ON for our tiny house build. I hope the next time across we can explore and see a lot more!!

  2. Next time your through Manitoba try the Stardust Drive-in @Morden!!
    There aren’t many left in the country…

    1. Hi Jason,
      It seems that for every drive-in theatre we find, we see about a dozen more that appear closed permanently. Too bad. The Twilite in Wolseley was great, and next time we’re in Manitoba we’ll try to remember the Stardust!

  3. I live on #1 highway. However there are places in our province that will drop your jaw in awe. Beautiful ! Yes I agree # 1 gets boring but take some time explore and you may be here longer than expected..

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