Settled in Guelph for Upcoming Tiny House Build!

We are very excited to say that we have been settled in Guelph for a week now, at Two Sisters River, an urban farm in downtown Guelph, and home of Backyard Bok Boks!

We met the owners Mike and Mary-Kate on WWOOF online while driving back from the west coast, and are very happy to be here and meeting so many wonderful people who make up this strong local community!

Our tiny house build will begin when our trailer arrives in a couple of weeks, and we’ll be posting updates here regularly for the next few months as we document our build!



2 thoughts on “Settled in Guelph for Upcoming Tiny House Build!

  1. Hello! My boyfriend and I are building a tiny house right near you, on a farm in Cambridge. We’re still at the design phase, waiting for our trailer to arrive so we can start building. Any advice you can give a couple of future tiny homeowners?

    1. Hello Chelsea!

      Have you started your build process? Advice… Measure twice and double check everything. And, find time for non tiny house things to unwind. If you have any more questions. please ask! 🙂

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